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HENNIE by Zan de Parry
'A Creation Story'

"Literally a fish grows legs, walks out of the water, listens to music, dates his sister and kills himself. Like if Tree of Life was directed by Jim Varney"
-Barbara Tway

"I just read it. Has me envisioning a sort of mid-west-adjacent close-to-the-heart family scenario surrounding the unfolding of a new love. Like if high school were populated by jaded 30-somethings"
-Christian Alborz Oldham

Zan de Parry holds poetry workshops with Lansdale fifth graders and co-runs KEITH LLC. Vibraphone (Brest Press, 2014) Austerity Brunch (KEITH LLC, 2017) various work online and in print. He's currently in Philadelphia.

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48 pages
B&W risograph + screenprint on PVC dust jacket
Edition of 100
ISBN# 978-3-9821395-1-7